Family Recipe

We decided to call our business Family Recipe because everyone in our family contributes. Jessica and Darci formulate the products and run the business. Steve and Alex (our husbands) do a lot in the background. Steve Also makes all our wooden products along with anything we need as far as stands or shelves. Alex plays stay at home dad on market weekends so Jessica can focus at the markets without little ones tugging at her attention. He is also helping our oldest come up with things to make and sell at the coming summer markets so keep your eyes out!

I have a bachelors degree in Human Services and Counseling and worked as a Mental Health and Addiction Counselor for over a decade. Part of which was in the US Army. I have opened and ran a successful business with my husband who is now retired. Currently I own my own virtual assistant business where I assist financial advisors.

My true passion is gardening, bees and anything to do with herbs. I have been studying about these various subjects since the 90's. I have taken master gardening classes in Nevada, Missouri and Texas. I loved teaching my two daughters about food and how to be healthy. I am excited to be able to teach others to do the same with my daughter Jessica.

About Jessica

About Darci

After high school I attended the pastry program of Auguste Escoffier in Austin, Texas to become a pastry chef. As much as I love baking in a professional manner I prefer being a stay-at-home mom. After My husband Alex and I got married in 2016, I started to retrain our eating habits to things I had learned from my mom Darci growing up. When I was young I referred to her as the food nazi because she was pretty strict about what we ate (ingredient wise). Surprisingly enough now that I am a mom I have definitely topped her on the food front with my family.

I have spent the last 6+ years doing research and partnering with knowledgeable friends to further educate myself on health and wellness. I love learning more about the wonderful gifts God has given us on this earth to better our health. Being able to combine my passion for true health and wellness and my friendship with my mother and be able to turn it into a business is a life dream of mine.

Upcoming Markets

May - June Market Schedule

May 18th - Butte Farmers Market 8am-1pm

May 25th - Butte Farmers Market 8am-1pm

June 1st - Butte Farmers Market 8am-1pm

June 8th - Butte Farmers Market 8am-1pm

June 15th - Butte Farmers Market 8am-1pm

June 22nd - Butte Farmers Market 8am-1pm

June 29th - Butte Farmers Market 8am-1pm