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Our joy and passion is teaching people new skills. We teach you how to make a lot of our products on your own.

Some people say this isn't a good "business strategy," but we are more interested in teaching people life skills to live a healthier and happier life. We are about creating a place to share what we have learned and learn from others as well. We do not pretend to be experts. Most of what we share is self-taught via trial and error and/or highly researched while looking at various ways of doing things. In doing that, we have come up with the best solutions for ourselves. We realize everyone is different and what works for us may not work for others. With that said, we will teach you what we know and help you figure out how to use these skills in a way that works for you. Everyone should have these skills. If you are interested in learning any of these skills you can host your own class or schedule one with us (minimum 5 people).

Class prices vary, please see each class below for specific price. Materials needed and any additional fees will be listed in the class descriptions.
If we are traveling outside of Butte, prices will differ per person depending on location.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and let us know some available dates. Please note that because of our busy market schedule our dates for teaching classes is very limited. In order for us to put a class on our schedule, we require a non-refundable deposit to be paid up front.

Sourdough Class

You will learn how to create your sourdough starter. The ingredients to do this will be provided in the class, just bring a jar. We will discuss what you can make with sourdough starter (you can make more than bread) and we will also provide you with a lot of recipes that are simple. You will learn how to keep your sourdough on a schedule or learn how to be a "lazy sourdough mom/dad"

This is a very hands on class so be prepared to get your hands dirty.

Materials needed: Notepad, pen/pencil and a quart sized jar (wider mouth jars are easier).

$50 per person

Kombucha Class

In this class you will learn how to start your Kombucha brew as well as what to do when you are ready for your second fermentation. Handouts will be provided with the recipes discussed as well as tips and tricks that we have learned on our Kombucha journey. This is also a hands on class!

Materials needed: Notepad and pen/pencil and $10 extra if you would like to purchase a Scoby.

$45 per person

Lacto-Fermenting Class

What is lacto-fermenting? Another hands on class that we offer. Lacto-fermenting has nothing to do with lactose. It is extremely easy and you can do it with so many different things. Lacto-fermenting doesn't take a lot of your time but it will produce delicious, easy and gut-healthy foods! We will also hand out different starter recipes to try out at home so you can start your own lacto-fermentation.

Materials needed: Notepad and pen/pencil

$45 per person

Clean Eating Class

This is not a class on veganism or vegetarianism. This class is focused on food you normally eat and what to look for to see if it is either benefiting your body or slowly destroying it. We will also talk about healthy alternatives to food we eat on a regular basis. We will have recipe books to look through that are some of our favorites along with some recipe handouts so you can start cooking cleaner to fuel your body with the nutrition it strives for! We want to empower you to be able to eat what is best for your body.

Materials needed: Notepad and pen/pencil

$30 per person

Vinegar Class

This class will entail several types of vinegar we have made and all of the benefits of using them. We will taste the ones we have available for the class as well as discuss their various uses. Some are great for culinary purposes and others would be best for cleaning to help improve all of our interior environments and get away from all the toxins. All the vinegar we make are for consumption, but some are formulated for more specific purposes. We will walk you through formulating your own vinegar at home as well as make a small jar to take home and ferment. Vinegar making is so much fun and much more beneficial for your health than buying big brands at the store.

Materials Needed: Notebook, pen/pencil and quart size jar


Do you have too much stuff? Let's Talk.

Minimizing your "stuff" can be liberating. But the challenge is the mental exercise it takes to get there. It is easy for some but not for others. We will discuss the many challenges the culture creates that make this difficult - but I promise not an impossible skill to master.

Materials Needed: Notebook and pen/pencil

$30 per person

Healthy Philosophy for today's environment

This is a spiritual based discussion from a Christian and Biblical perspective. The culture inside and outside our "religious institutions" have made this a difficult thing to navigate. Who are the real "experts" in our culture and why would we trust them over our friends and neighbors? We do not pretend to have all the answers, nor are we theologians. But let's discuss the Biblical perspective and how we should react. All views are invited to have a cordial, respectful discussion.

Materials Needed: Notebook, pen/pencil and an open mind

$30 per person

Sugar and Addiction

How sugar directly affects a person's addiction or addictive behavior. What addictions; drugs, alcohol, food/eating disorders and other addictive behaviors. We will discuss the history of the food pyramid and how it was wrong for many years and why. Review food choices, what to look for in ingredients labels and how to avoid unwanted sugar in your life.

Materials Needed: Notebook and pen/pencil

$30 per person

Living in the 90s

Can I go back? Ever get tired of all the technology that surrounds us and wish you could take a step back? It really isn't as hard as you may think. And yes, you can do this with a business as well. We decided to teach this class after we took a step back from technology ourselves. We have noticed astounding differences in child behavior, the quality of home/family life, sleep and other benefits. You don't need the most advanced technology for your day to day life no matter how much people try and tell you that you do. It is making us lazy and disconnected from one another. Who would want to live that way. We certainly do not.

$30 per person

Class Sign Up Form:

Hosting your own class is much like hosting a class for pampered chef or one of those organizations. The difference being, you actually learn something and the only thing you and your friends have to pay for is the class. There is a minimum of 5 people to schedule your own class.

We will come to your house and for most of the classes we will need access to a kitchen (some we do not). We provide everything needed for the class. If you would like to have your own drinks and snacks for your friends, you are welcome to since we do not provide that.

We are willing to travel (in the state of MT) depending on class size and distance. If you are the host of a class and you have 5 people attending (not including you) then you receive the class for free.

If you are interesting in hosting a class and would like to put one on the schedule, please fill out the contact form, email us or call us 406-299-3022 (this is a landline, no texts)

Hosting your own class.

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